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Please find below all the answers we currently have to our COVID-19 protocols.

We’ve hopefully answered any queries you might have but if there’s anything you think is missing from the below, please drop us a line here and we'll use the information to expand on our existing FAQ.

General Event FAQs

Find answers to your most common questions here.

  • What time does the festival start?

    Friday 27th August - 1.30pm (12.30pm for Primary Entry ticketholders)
    Saturday 28th August - 1.30pm (12.30pm for Primary Entry ticketholders)
    Sunday 29th August (Field Day) - 1pm (12pm for Primary Entry ticketholders)
    Monday 30th August - 1.30pm (12.30pm for Primary Entry ticketholders)

  • What time is last entry?

    Gates close at 8.30pm, and the Box Office will close at 8pm. Please make sure you’re onsite in advance of these times in case of queues.

  • Can I leave the site and come back in?

    There is no re-admission to All Points East after entry. Please plan ahead, once you’re in, you’re in!

  • What are the age restrictions for the shows?

    Friday 27th August, Sat 28th August and Monday 30th August - Anyone under 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian (18 or over). Children under the age of 2 will be admitted free of charge and do not need a ticket. All children aged 2 and over must have their own ticket.

    Sunday 29th August (Field Day) - 18+ only.

  • Can I bring buggies/pushchairs?

    Buggies & pushchairs are only permitted for dates where Children have access to the event. We strongly advise that customers consider that areas nearer to the Main Stage will be very busy and densely populated which may make it extremely challenging to move a buggy. We therefore respectfully advise that buggies may be requested to be relocated from those areas to less densely populated spaces on safety grounds.

  • What size bag can I bring onsite?

    We will not allow large bags, suitcases or luggage into the venue but you will be permitted to take small bags and handbags in with you. We class small bags as no larger than 35cm x 40cm x 19cm or standard handbags. Please avoid bringing rucksacks or bags with multiple compartments where possible as it may delay your entry while they are searched.

  • Can I bring camping chairs/stools?

    Seats and chairs of any kind not permitted into the event. This includes seat sticks and inflatable seats.

  • Can I bring in food & drink?

    No food or drink is permitted to be brought into All Points East (With the exception of water in unopened plastic containers of up to 500ml, and baby food where not in glass containers). There are a wide variety of bars and food traders open throughout the event, as well as free water points.