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Location: Bandstand
Tuesday 31st August :

12:15 - Storytelling with Amari

12:30 - The Hare & The Hedgehog

12:55 - Storytelling with Amari

13:20 - The Many Legged Musicians of Bremen

13:45 - Storytelling with Amari

Wednesday 1st September :

10:15 - Storytelling with Amari

10:30 - The Lost Colour

11:30 - Storytelling with Amari

12:00 - The Lost Colour

13:00 - Storytelling with Amari

13:45 - The Lost Colour

14:45 -Storytelling with Amari Thursday

Thursday 2nd September :

10:15 - Storytelling with Amari

10:30 - Family Jukebox

11:30 - Storytelling with Amari

12:00 - Family Jukebox

13:00 - Storytelling with Amari

13:45 - Family Jukebox

14:45 - Storytelling with Amari

Host Storyteller – everyday (Tues 31st, Wed 1st and Thurs 2nd)

Amari Harris hosts the family performance stage. He will introduce the acts as well as tell fun and interactive stories suitable for all ages between these set times.

Set-up: The storyteller stands at the front of the stage, and occasionally moves into the crowd seated on the grass in front speaking to the audience. No props.


Tuesday 31 August

The Hare & The Hedgehog & The Many Legged Musicians of Bremen

Magical and contemporary re-tellings of two different Grimms tales, with beautiful puppets and opportunities for audiences to join-in with some of the songs and stories. For all ages.

Set-up: A performer stands in front of a large treasure chest style box and performs with props and puppets.

Wednesday 1 September

The Lost Colour

A magical professional painter and alchemist goes on an adventure searching for the pinky-est pink paint in the world, and seeks help to do this. A fun, family show.

Set-up: There is one performer, he acts out a story. There are puppets of a beetle and a hot air balloon.

Thursday 2 September

Family Jukebox

A musical duo present songs/stories and tales of bears, spiders and friendly wolves. A theatrical musical sing-a-long jukebox of fun for all the family and all ages.

Set-up: 2 musicians perform a live gig on the stage with simple set elements behind consisting of a rug, chair, lamp and small table

Join Half Moon Theatre for three days of performances and storytelling. Watch each day a different special performance interspersed with witty stories and interactive conversations with the Half Moon’s popular host, AMARI HARRIS.

Tower Hamlet’s own Half Moon Theatre presents great, family friendly, fun plays and play activities as part of All Points East Festival, In The Neighbourhood, in Victoria Park. Half Moon is the UK’s leading small-scale young people’s venue and touring company presenting their work across London and the UK.