All Points East

Victoria Park London E3

May/June 2020

May/June 2020


Mon 27th May - 8pm (Performance)

Showmi Dance Company will be performing at the festival for the first time and bringing to the stage vibrant Dance performances from various parts of South Asia.

They will be starting with the traditional Folk Dances of Bengal bringing to stage the tribal style and also telling stories of the Harvest Season as well as the River Culture of Bangladesh. In the second half of their performances, they will transform the stage to the glamorous world of Bollywood. They will commence with Semi-classical styles incorporated with various folk disciplines from the vast land of India. Their choice of songs and performances are guaranteed to leave you feeling uplifted.

The Artist Director of the Company, Showmi Das whose most acquired audiences include the Royal Family and several Prime Ministers and Presidents from around the world, has carefully curated the performances for a family audience which can be enjoyed by all.