All Points East

Victoria Park London E3

May/June 2020

May/June 2020

Location: Tower Hamlets Dance Tent

All days (Mon 27th - Thurs 30th May) 10:15pm - 12pm.

All sessions are open to everyone for free and operate on a drop-in basis!

MGT (Mukul & Ghetto Tigers) is an East London based theatre company that offers story, relationship and entertainment to the regular and non-theatre going audience. MGT take genuine interest in new writing and world classics.

MGT is a platform for emerging talents. The aim is to mentor and nurture new comers and offer them the opportunity to excel in their respective fields. Their mantra is re-imagination, innovation and collaboration.

Mukul & Ghetto Tigers will be brining the below workshops and performances to All Points East:

  1. Bengali songs by Sadia Chowdhury and Delwar Hossain Dilu
  2. Storytelling and workshop by Rez Kabir
  3. Dance and workshop by Arunima Kumar and Shivani Sethia