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Free Nature Arts & Crafts with Victoria Park

Free Nature Arts & Crafts with Victoria Park

Tues 29th - Thurs 31st May

Truly a place for a great day out – Victoria Park was commissioned by Queen Victoria in 1840 due to popular demand.  It opened in 1845 and today is the largest and most popular park in east London.  There are over 4000 trees, two large lakes, a boating pond, playgrounds and plenty of space for sports and relaxation. Victoria Park is patrolled and managed by a small team who run over one hundred community events primarily for children across the year which are all free of charge to attend – you can find out more information on our website which is


Bird Box Making and decorating - Construct a bird box for all the birds to use in Victoria Park. Decorate the bird box using glitter, felt pens and more! 

Bird Food Making - Construct balls made up of bird feed and seeds to attract the birds. 

Wildflower Seed Bomb Making - Make wildflower seed bombs from water, flour, seeds and compost, which will be planted throughout the park to encourage new growth of the flowers and plants.