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Sad Night Dynamite

Fri 27 Aug 2021

Here's what we know about Sad Night Dynamite. They make dark, deranged electronic pop songs about demonic sailors and talking birds: a musical dream-world teetering on the brink of nightmarishness. They are, also, a duo -- first glimpsed brawling in the back of a stretch limo as it works its way through the Czech countryside, in the surreal, funereal short film that accompanied their experimental debut EP, 'SND 001.' It's an immersive entry-point to the Sad Night Dynamite universe, and the charged, brother-like childhood friendship between Archie and Josh underpinning it all. What matters, these young producers/vocalists insist, isn't whether everything makes sense right away; but that in a world turned upside down, the fact that there is still a wonderland to get lost in. "We love artists who build something bigger than themselves: worlds to explore and be lived in," says Josh. The result is a sound as explosive and evocative as the Sad Night Dynamite name implies, marking the arrival of the UK's most exciting new band.