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Sun 28 Mar 2021

Having co-written her band The xx’s three acclaimed albums, Romy has also written songs for the likes of Mark Ronson, Jehnny Beth, Benny Blanco and Dua Lipa (including her GRAMMYwinning hit single “Electricity”). At the same time as honing her craft as a songwriter, Romy has embraced a burgeoning DJing career. DJing since the age of 17 (when she got her first job playing records at a gay club in Soho), the last twelve months have seen her passion reignited, including appearances at Manchester’s Homobloc, Turin’s Club to Club and a closing set at this year’s Pride Inside for Amnesty. She was also a key contributor to 2019’s BBC Radio 1 Residency series.These two musical loves come together on“Lifetime”, an exhilarating piece of driving, warm, club-influenced pop.Though it stops short of the full blown celebration of club classics, Ibiza house and trance that Romy hinted at via anintimate Instagram performance earlier this year, it’s without doubt the start of a transition in that direction.