All Points East

Victoria Park London E3

24 May – 02 June 2019

24/05/19 – 02/06/19

Lotus Eater

Fri 31 May 2019

@ All Points East

Lotus Eater

Lotus Eater represent the sound of a generation left to rot in the margins. Hailing from the streets of Glasgow – a city where nearly half of young people live in urban poverty – the quintet combine remorseless, down-tuned groove and claustrophobic atmosphere to utterly traumatising effect. Lotus Eater is a culture, a society, an emotion; your slasher film nightmare in aural form; a bellicose roar from the bottom of the deep. The band’s frenzied, unhinged live catharsis has already won them a legion of fans, each one simply seeking unfettered honesty in a world where the ugly truth is expected to give way to a handsome lie. The band are the first heavy British act to sign to Hopeless Records (Avenged Sevenfold, Thrice) in the label’s 25 year history. They are only just getting started.